secrets hidden in the leaves

rescue the slave
slave rescue

hokaga calls the adventures in and tells them of there mission

he tells the adventures of the enemy ninja and how they not only
have infoltrated the land of fire but also how the are useing
slaves of bandets, farm workers, bussnes men, and leaf ninja

he tells the adventures to rescue as many people as possable and
by rescue he means capture the bandets and rescue the other slaves
and leave no enemy ninja alive

after taking care of your main objective you are to locate the resion
why the enemy ninja were there in the first place

*upon further investigation the adventures find a small passage way
leading bk to underground caves with monsters and tresure of
aproprit kind just laying about (nothing above what the adventures
might find in the outside world)

once they find what the adventures assume is what the enemy ninja’s were
looking for and sticking the lives on the line to get poket itam and return
to village

the next day

wake up do what ever

go find your teacher

missions avalible

2 f no teacher

clean dishes

find lost dog :(

3 d no teacher

clean the bath-house:)

deliver package

target practice

1 c teacher not needed but my want to come

help injured ninja get bk to the vilage

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first day

make your way to the grouping hall

get paired up with outher part members

find your snesei or teacher

first test/first mission

you are now ninja


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